Delta Civil Engineering has undertaken a wide range of projects for a variety of clients.

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  • Pipe Arch Construction Snow Hill StationAs part of the major works to improve the pedestrian access to the central Snow Hill station platforms from the city, Delta were employed on two early phases of this complex project.Read More
    Pipe Arch Construction Snow Hill Station
  • Souldern Viaducts RenovationThe structural condition of two viaducts (18 & 25 span) were improved by the installation of 48no spandrell ties, plus pinning and grouting, stitching, replacement of defective brickwork beneath arches plus the introduction of new ductile iron down pipes Read More
    Souldern Viaducts Renovation
  • Blackdyke to Kennet Tunnel RenovationPart of the Ely Ouse-Essex Water Transfer Scheme, completed in the late sixties, involved the construction of a 20km long section of 2.5m diameter precast concrete segmental tunnel.Read More
    Blackdyke to Kennet Tunnel Renovation
  • Pressure Relief Shafts/Weedon Tunnel RepairFour 2.7m diameter, pressure relief shafts up to 30m deep, were sunk by underpinning, either side of the 500m long Weedon tunnel as part of the upgrade to the West Coast main Line.Read More
    Pressure Relief Shafts/Weedon Tunnel Repair
  • Bath Road Culvert Renovation WellsSections of a culverted stream which runs beneath two busy roads in Wells needed upgrading following an inspection under the Bridge Strengthening Programme, to meet the new legislation for increased axle weights. Read More
    Bath Road Culvert Renovation Wells
  • West Hoe Tanks Rehabilitation PlymouthSaline Infiltration up to 100L/Sec was leaking into three 100 year old adjoining horseshoe shaped, brick arched storage tunnels, approx 3m high x 3m wide and 250m long, located beneath a busy road and adjacent to the sea, at the Hoe in Plymouth.Read More
    West Hoe Tanks Rehabilitation Plymouth
  • Grouting of Barrow Compensation ReservoirDuring a routine inspection a ‘Piping’ feature was found in the Barrow Compensation Reservoir. This had created a leakage path along the draw-off culvert at the interface...Read More
    Grouting of Barrow Compensation Reservoir
  • Brimley Brook Outfall TeignmouthTo enable the new sewerage system to discharge to a new sea outfall a 340m long tunnel was constructed with 1200 & 1500 dia pipe jacks.Read More
    Brimley Brook Outfall Teignmouth
  • Oxen CoveTank Storage Tunnel BrixhamDelta were awarded a Design and Build ‘Partnering, contract to construct a 450m long 2.8m x 2.4m storage tunnel, using ‘Drill and Blast’ methods, plus connecting microtunnels...Read More
    Oxen CoveTank Storage Tunnel Brixham
  • Grouting Redundant Rising Mains CambridgeAs the final phase of improving the sewerage network for a large part of the city, following major tunnelling works and a new pumping station, the existing rising main had to be grouted up due to its poor structural integrity. Read More
    Grouting Redundant Rising Mains Cambridge