Brimley Brook Outfall Teignmouth

Client: South West Water Services Ltd
Project Value: £490,000

To enable the new sewerage system to discharge to a new sea outfall a 340m long tunnel was constructed with 1200 & 1500 dia pipe jacks. Both pipe jacks were driven from a 40m deep central shaft. The 4.27m dia shaft was sunk by underpinning through breccia (a sandstone conglomerate) to 26m and then increased in size to 6m dia by inserting an in-situ concrete ring beam and then continuing with 6m dia segments.

Once completed the 1500 dia pipe jack was then driven from just below the ring beam, uphill to an existing shaft in the town centre. The 1200 dia pipe jack was then driven downhill from the shaft bottom at a gradient of 1:50 beneath main line rail tracks and under the existing sea wall towards the beach. This connected to the sea outfall laid in open cut to complete the scheme. 

Brimley Brook Outfall Teignmouth

Brimley Brook Outfall Teignmouth

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