Stratford City Utility Installations (Olympics)

Client: Westfield Shopping Towns / ODA
Project Value: £4,500,000

The section of the Olympic’s site designated for the retail park development, sits within a triangle of Network Rail’s infrastructure. Delta were awarded the contract, to develop the final design and to submit and gain approval for all Forms A, B and C (where necessary) and to install the 14Nr Under Track Crossing’s (UTX) at 5 separate locations within the site.

Crossings varied from 300mm diameter to 1200mm diameter and ranged from 40m to 60m in length. Installation of these service crossings was carried out using Pipe Jacking (1200mm Dia), Microtunnelling (450mm, 600mm & 900mm Dia.) and Guided Auger Boring (300mm Dia) and ground conditions consisted of clay,  clay fill and clay / gravels with dewatering carried out in advance for some of the 900mm and 1200mm diameters. The Utility service crossings were for: Foul and Surface Water Sewers, Potable Water, Electricity, CHP, Gas and Communications.

Most UTX’s were installed whilst the trains were still operating but UTX’s 3 and 7 were installed during track possessions because of the risk of potential excessive settlement due to the shallow cover. UTX’s 5 and 7 were both dewatered prior to installation.

For UTX specific information on each crossing see reverse of project sheet for each Utility requirements.

Stratford City Utility Installations (Olympics)

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