Caisson Shaft Construction

Delta undertaking Caisson Shaft construction.

Delta Civil Engineering has gained extensive experience in Caisson shaft sinking. 

Caissons are watertight structures that are ideal for constructing shafts in wet ground or underwater situations. When creating the caisson shaft, concrete segments are sunk using a hydraulic ram. These segments form the primary support for the shaft. We can create a caisson shaft up to 25 meters in diameter using this particular construction technique.

The advantages of using a caisson shaft system include:

  • Fewer joints needed 
  • Fast, clean and accurate construction 
  • Quick construction times
  • Less labour time needed
  • Creates immediate shafts

An alternative technique to creating a shaft is to use a steel lining as the caisson. The steel lining remains in place throughout the construction process, until the permanent structure is complete. It is then extracted from the site. This caisson shaft technique is frequently used in pumping station and manhole construction projects.

Here at Delta Civil Engineering we are experts in caisson shaft sinking, we have completed many challenging and diverse caisson shaft projects that have meant us having to think and work outside the box. Caisson shaft sinking is often a popular method of excavation where ground conditions are poor usually on projects where the ground work is of sandy base or gravels.

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We have undertaken a wider range of Caission Construction projects including projects in Pumping stations, Landfills, Train Stations and much more.

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