Cofferdam Construction

Cofferdam Construction

The Cofferdam Design and Construction Specialists

The purpose of a cofferdam is to exclude soil and/or water from an area in which it is required to carry out construction activities to a depth below the surface.

There are three types of cofferdam in which Delta Civil Engineering Specialise which are;

  • Single Skin Structures; These are the most common type of cofferdam and are used for river crossings, dock walls and riverside construction.

  • Cellular Cofferdams; These are earth filled cofferdams which are self supporting gravity structures. Typical uses include temporarily sealing off dock entrances and the construction of permanent walls for land reclamation, quays and wharfs.

  • Double Wall Cofferdams; These comprise two parallel lines of sheet piles connected together and the space filled with an engineering backfill. Typically these cofferdams are required for marine works and large or deep excavations.

Delta CE offer a complete design and construct service for Cofferdams. This service will guide clients through the planning and design stage through to procurement and construction. Including engineering input for the construction of the permanent works structures and subsequent cofferdam decommissioning.

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