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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Construction Design & Consultancy Services

For many years Delta CE has been able to offer both clients and contractors a design and consultancy service for trench less and underground infrastructure construction.

No two projects are the same and for this reason Delta are able to offer their experience to evaluate the best solution for specific projects.

Their design and consultancy services include;

Design Management

The success of any project is brought about by ensuring that the most appropriate design is worked out prior to procurement and construction. Managing design of underground construction is a skill that requires experienced engineers.
Delta CE has the engineering management skills to assist or carry out this process for clients and contractors alike.

Construction Planning

Delta CE can provide services essential for planning and delivering successful projects.

This includes producing construction programmes and methodologies to ensure that projects can be delivered on time utilising practical solutions.

Project Management

Success of a project is measured by delivery on time, on budget, without harm and constructed to the highest standards possible. 

Delta CE aim for these goals on all projects and have the project management skills and experience to achieve this.

If you are an organisation who like to cut corners and believe that the cheapest option is the best option then don’t call Delta CE. There are plenty of organisations who operate in this manner however we are not one of them.

Geotechnical Engineering

The most important phase of a project that includes the construction of underground infrastructure is an understanding of the ground conditions that will be encountered. The design and construction of the underground asset has to be based on the conditions that will be encountered.

With many years of experience Delta CE are able to carry out design, risk assessments, ground condition reviews and geological studies for underground construction.

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