Directional Drilling (HDD)

How it works:

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a controlled trench-less method where a pilot borehole is drilled into a pre-evaluated bore path, we then make some hole enlargement modifications and set the required object into said hole.

  • We can easily fit long, medium and short lengths of pipe with no need for intermediate pits.
  • The process of installation is environmentally friendly and does not disrupt road, rail or river scarring.
  • You have the choice of curved or straight pipes, for those tricky jobs where you need to avoid certain obstacles.
  • Totally unaffected by external elements such as rivers, roads, trees, buildings etc.

The method of horizontal directional drilling is perfect for installing cables, pumped sewer lines, gas, oil, water mains and ducts. These can easily be installed under existing structures, railways, waterways, roads, environmentally active areas in a costly, safe and quick method.

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, whist it has been an integral part of the gas and oil industry since the early 1900's, hasn't changed all too much since then. Although the technology has greatly advanced the concept of directional drilling has stayed the same. Directional drilling allows for minimal environmental impact due to the style of drilling. Improvements in technology have allowed this type of drilling to advance in ways of control sensoring and positioning. In this day and age we are able to angle the drill bit to immense accuracy by using real time technology. This allows this method of drilling to provide multiple solutions to the drilling challenges regularly faced; this reduces costs and increases efficiency.

The Directional Drilling Specialist

Delta have carried out a number of projects that has included the use of horizontal directional drilling for the installation of pipelines.

HDD equipment varies in size for all applications. In areas with restricted space there are units as small as 1500mm X 2000mm or the installation of small diameter pipelines, for larger pipelines there are a number of solutions available.

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