Micro Tunnelling

Micro Tunnelling

“A Digging Technique used to Construct Small Tunnels”

Experienced and successful micro tunnelling contractors

Delta Civil Engineering is one of the UK’s most prominent experienced and successful microtunnelling contractors.

Since purchasing our first microtunnelling system in 1987, for a two year research and development project with Yorkshire Water to further develop the technology to cope with the UK’s variable ground conditions, we have successfully installed in excess of 20kms of underground pipelines using RVS, Iseki and Herrenknecht systems.

We now own a comprehensive range of Perforator & RVS Micro tunnelling machines and equipment that can install underground pipe lines from 150mm diameter to 1000mm diameter.

We also have access to other highly specialised machinery capable of dealing with extremely high water tables, rock and boulders if the expected geology dictates the use of slurry based systems.

PBA 85 Horizontal Thrust Boring Machine

A powerful machine for the installation of small pipework.  Drives from shafts as small as 2500mm ID make this method an ideal solution for sewers and drains constructed in highly populated areas.

With pipeline lengths up to 80m and an accurate guidance system, new pipelines can be installed quickly and without disruption to immediate urban activities.

RVS Microtunnelling Systems

No microtunnelling system can compete with the RVS method for speed of installation in suitable ground conditions.

Pipelines as large as DN1000 can be installed up to lengths over 100m. Minimal shaft sizes are required for the establishment and operation of these systems and their compact design make them very suitable for underground works in busy urban areas.

There are two systems RVS250A & RVS300A. The 250 system installing pipes up to DN600 and the larger system installing pipes up to DN1000.

Slurry Systems

When ground conditions dictate and slurry type TBMs are required for tunnel and pipeline construction then Delta CE will use this type of system.

Experience with Iseki, and Herrenknecht equipment, Delta CE offer solutions for microtunnel construction in difficult ground conditions or where a larger pipe size is required.

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