Our History

Picture of DELTA Civil Engineering Tunnelling Contractors machinery.

With over 40 years continuous experience in the successful construction of complex underground structures, involving all forms of tunnelling and shaft sinking, Delta have become a well known name and set a benchmark throughout the industry.

Our ability to develop, create and construct inventive and often niche solutions, combined with being at the forefront of technological innovation within this industry have confirmed our status underground.

Some of the key points throughout our 40 year history are:

1970  Formation of Delta. First pipe jacks installed below railway tracks at Sidcup station

1972 Completed the 5 km long Margate trunk sewer phase 1, using a mixture of hand drive tunnelling and pipe jacking techniques

1974 Founded the “Pipe Jacking Association”

1977 First £1 million contract:-to construct the Bath City interceptor sewer

1982 Completed the “Sugar House Lane” sewer in London Docklands

1989 JV to construct 4.2 km of 2.5 meter diameter segmental tunnel in Chelsea, Belgravia including a 1 km crossing of the River Thames using in-house developed TBM

1991 Constructed the 10 km long “Aller Valley” trunk sewer between Torquay and Teighmouth estuary. Involving Micro tunnelling and 12 pipe jacks; 8 underneath railway lines

1996  Developed RVS 300 Micro tunnelling machine- the world’s first ever fully retractable Micro tunnelling machine- to install tubular roof (pipe arch) to the new Westminster station (10 m from Big Ben)

2000 Clean, inspect and repair East Anglia 20 km long 2.5 meter diameter tunnel for the Environment Agency using specialist cleaning machine designed and built in our own workshop. Nominated for the UKSTT award for innovation

2004 Installed over 200 m of 450 mm diameter Micro tunnel around M11 and Stansted Airport

2007  Various Thames water contracts, installed over 300 m of 600 mm Micro tunnel in tough London clays

2010 Olympic Park, install various size Micro tunnelled service crossings of various lengths across the park and throughout the Westfield shopping centre location. Works also involved the sinking of shafts to allow this works to take place. In all works were worth over £4.5 million