Pipe Jacking

Pipe Jacking

“A technique of installing underground pipes, ducts and culverts"

We have been involved in Pipejacking and Tunnelling operations since the late sixties

Delta Civil Engineering has been involved with Pipejacking and Tunnelling operations since the late sixties. We have worked in the majority of the UK’s extremely variable geological ground conditions and fully understand the hazards and risks associated with all Manual, Mechanised and Full Faced excavation methods using Pipe Jacking systems.

We own and operate a comprehensive range of Machines and Shields for constructing Pipe Jacked tunnels from 1200mm to 2500mm diameter. We are also able to design and fabricate additional specialised plant and equipment for unique situations particularly where limited working space and access are an issue.

We also have access to other highly specialised Slurry and Earth Pressure Balance (EPB)  type TBMs for pipejacking through wet ground conditions.

Our considerable experience in this specialised field encourages our clients and designers to consult us for practical, early advice on both simple and difficult solutions. This is actively encouraged by Delta and our advice often removes unrealistic options at the early development stage.

We were one of the four founder members of the Pipe Jacking Association (formed in 1974) and senior employees have been seconded to the Technical, Health & Safety and Research committees. Our involvement has always kept us fully up to date with the latest industry standards and specifications.

Delta employees have been part of the Pipe Jacking Association working party, to develop and agree with the HSE, acceptable working practices for the construction of Pipe Jacks and Tunnels. Agreement has now been reached on what is unacceptable and information and can be downloaded from the Pipe Jacking Association website. 

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