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Delta CE are specialist shaft sinkers, with many years’ experience in sinking shafts in soft ground conditions. When a shaft needs to be sunk underwater or in wet ground that has no stand up time then this method of construction is the ideal solution. 

Two methods of construction are offered.

The first method is to sink the caisson using hydraulic rams and precast concrete segments as the primary support. This is ideal for shafts to be used as access for tunnelling operations and future manholes. Shafts up to 25m in diameter can be constructed by this technique. The concrete lining remains in the ground after construction is complete.

For pumping station and manhole construction an alternative technique is to use a steel lining as the caisson which remains in place during the construction of the permanent works. Once complete the steel lining is pulled out of the ground leaving the permanent structures in place.


In ground conditions where the ground has a stand up time and ground water is minimal, or can be controlled by sump pumping, Delta CE specialist shaft sinkers use the Underpinning technique.

Using this technique the shaft is constructed by removal of the ground using excavators and cranes followed by the installation of precast concrete segments which hang from the previously constructed ring.

This method has advantages over the caisson technique due to the short establishment time, costs, and control over the shaft position and orientation.

Segmental rings are available from 2.5m internal diameter up to 25m internal diameter. They are popular for tunnel construction access, with the inclusion of tunnel ‘eyes’ for TBM launch and removal plus excellent thrust walls for pipejacking operations.

Their robust nature also makes appropriate permanent works structures possible once tunnelling activities have been completed.

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