Specialist Tunneling

Specialist Tunnelling

Providing Specialist Tunnelling Operations

Blind Headings

Even in today’s high tech environment there is still often a requirement to construct a tunnel without the ability to retrieve shields or TBMs. This is often the case when making live sewer connections or similar activities.

Traditionally this has been done by constructing Timber Headings.

As well as this service Delta CE offer an alternative using a tunnel construction method that makes excavation, support and pipe installation a much safer and acceptable option.

For more details speak to Delta about this tunnelling method for your heading requirements.

Structures Renovation

Many existing structures below ground require maintenance and renovation. It is often the case that to carry out remedial work is a much more suitable option than constructing new assets.

Renovation can be achieved by many methods including;

  • Tunnel Relining

  • Specialist Pressure and Annulus Grouting

  • Tunnel Cleaning

  • Shaft Relining

Delta CE have carried out many renovation projects over the years and maintain the capability to solve all underground structural requirements.

Drill & Blast

Drill and Blast is a specialist area in Civil and Mining operations and part of Delta’s capability is providing this service for shaft and tunnel construction, quarrying and underground mining activities.

There are three types of explosive classification in which Delta can provide their services. Conventional explosives providing all the necessary power for traditional rock breaking, low scale explosives and non-explosive rock breaking technology.

The use of low scale explosives and non explosive rock breaking technology are becoming more popular in sensitive areas. Delta has the experience to carry out this type of work including blast design, drilling and shotfiring.

Rock Support

Tunnels, shafts, mines and cuttings. All of these types of excavation often require permanent or temporary support when the rock face is exposed.

Our experience in underground construction has enabled Delta to be able to provide one or a combination of various types of rock support.

Whether it is rockbolting, mesh, lattice girders or shotcreting Delta will be able to provide all he plant and equipment to install your geotechnical requirements.

We've performed a number of Specialist Tunneling projects including: 

Portsmouth Transfer Tunnel

Blackdyke to Kennet Tunnel Renovation

Portsmouth Transfer Tunnel

For more information on our Specialist Tunnelling call us on 0845 450 3732 or use our contact form.

Specialist Tunnelling Enquiry

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