The Team

Team members on construction site

Neil Bracken

Neil has been working in the shaft sinking and tunnelling industry since 1988 where he started his career as an Engineer working or Lilley Construction.

Since then Neil has worked in the UK and overseas on numerous tunnelling and microtunnelling projects for the construction of underground road and rail tunnels, gas and water transfer pipelines, large and small sewage schemes and many drainage and flood relief schemes.

Clarke Adams

Has over 25 years experience in tunnelling and associated geotechnical industry.

Cut his teeth working for the likes of Lilley Construction, AMEC Tunnelling and BAM Nuttall being involved in deep drainage, timber headings, pipe jacking, shaft sinking and sheet piling.

Later on worked on a big scale tunnelling projects such as the Jubilee Line Extension contract 101 (Westminster), Heathrow Terminal Five and HS1

Ricki Scherdel

Has over 30 years experience in the tunnelling industry. Ricki is employed as the Company's Construction Manager. He has a wealth of experience having learnt the trade on the tools and progressing to his current position.

Pipejacking and shaft sinking are now second nature to Ricki and his experience is a valuable asset to the company and all clients that we serve.