Timber Heading

How it works:

Traditional methods such as timber heading have been around for hundreds of years. Timber heading as a solution, compared to other methods of trenching short distances, that just did not give the same results, timber heading took off and is still used widely today as one of the best methods of short distance trenching. Using the traditional timber heading method you can reach restricted space in service areas and is one of the most efficient methods of tunnelling over short distances.

Using this method is cost effective where micro-tunnelling equipment is not possible to use due to circumstances in the excavation, timber heading works. The biggest benefit is how you have the ability to divert around any unknown obstructions and allow existing coalition of underground services, all the same time keeping up with those operating standards on the surface above. 

The pipeline is often fed through by hand and the timber heading themselves are all constructed by hand using timber sets. Using this method we can construct through a relatively small conventional excavated shaft, this could be a pre-constructed manhole, basement or retaining wall.

Timber Heading as a method of tunnelling construction, is a versatile and manual excavation of the ground using stress graded timber to support the earthwork. This method of ground construction is very cost effective for the installation of drainage connections. This is often the tunnel construction method of choice due to the massive savings in costs and time. Timber Heading is a great way to install for example drainage under an existing structure or highway where trenchless construction and micro-tunnelling are not realistic. Timber Heading is also suitable for driving through a relatively small conventional excavated shaft or manhole and also for existing basement retaining structures.

Timber Heading - Delta Civil Engineering

We have extensive experience using Timber Headings in tunnel construction

Timber Heading is a traditional and versatile method of manual tunnel construction where hardwood timbers are used to create ground support after the tunnel has been excavated. Timber Heading is still frequently used in situations where there are a large number of services in the path of a new tunnel. 

Delta Civil Engineering has extensive experience using timber headings within tunnelling solutions. Using Timber Headings can be more cost effective in situations, for example, where the there are short sections of tunnelling. This type of tunnelling can also be installed in varying ground conditions.

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We have performed many Timber Heading projects including a project replacing a pumping station at Gloucester Docks. 

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