Trenchless Construction

Trenchless construction includes such construction methods as specialist tunnelling, micro tunnelling (MTM), horizontal directional drilling (HDD) also known as directional boring, pipe ramming (PR), pipe jacking (PJ), moling, horizontal auger boring (HAB) and other methods for the installation of pipelines and cables below the ground with minimal excavation. Large diameter tunnels such as those constructed by a tunnel boring machine (TBM), and drilling and blasting techniques are larger versions of subsurface construction. The difference between trenchless construction and other subsurface construction techniques depends upon the size of the passage under construction.

The method requires considering soil characteristics and the loads applied to the surface. In cases where the soil is sandy, the water table is at shallow depth, or heavy loads like that of urban traffic are expected, the depth of excavation has to be such that the pressure of the load on the surface does not affect the bore, otherwise there is danger of surface caving in. One of the most common techniques of trenchless construction involves the use of a directional drilling machine which cuts its way through the earth in which a pipe is laid. The main benefit of trenchless construction is how safe it is due to there being no steep excavations. Another benefit to trenchless construction is how there is minimal disruption to soil and the organisms that live within it. Digging trenches is a long process, noisy to complete and costly, why not go trenchless?

Delta CE offer a complete design and trenchless construction service. This service will guide clients through the planning and design stage through to procurement and construction.

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