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In modern society, home owners often have limited options with how far they can develop their property. Specially those with restricted space.

An area often overlooked, is the ability to develop underground, beneath the property you already own. Constructing a basement can bring numerous benefits and improve the value of your home.

Underground construction offers a huge array of exciting solutions. These can be simple, traditional and authentic basement conversions. However, if you like to let your imagination wander, we can design and build your dream basement conversion to the exact specification you want. These range from wine cellars, games rooms, entertainment venues, photographic labs, gardening areas, pet breeding zones and many more, the list is endless with what you can use the development space for.

Many thousands of UK homes are built with cellars that are ideal for basement conversions, enhancing their value and usefulness without increasing the buildings’ boundaries.

Most builders have little to no experience on underground construction and most developers don’t plan how to utilise this most valuable space yet many properties could be enhanced with the right input.

As experienced subterranean contractors we offer home owners and developers the chance to design and construct underground basements.

Our experience in the Civil Engineering Industry makes basement construction a relatively simple operation and no project is beyond our capability when it comes to developing your underground space. Delta Civil Engineering can take care of all your civil engineering needs.

We are seeing more and more basements being added to homes. This has become greatly popular in urban areas where there is a lot less scope to develop wider, longer or higher. Urban area soil & ground work is often laced with traces of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and other hazardous materials like asbestos. This means that the type of construction needed really depends on the conditions of the ground beneath the property. The type of construction used will have a huge bearing on the choice of basement route we take. By going below ground level we are at risk of damaging service pipes & cables. These need to be identified prior to us constructing anything. We do this through extensive land searches, this provides us with information on utility, service and network provisions that could potentially be present within the area we want to construct in.

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